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Board of Selectmen Minutes 06/27/2011
Board of Selectmen
June 27, 2011
Regular Session
Selectmen’s Meeting Room, Town Hall

Arthur J. Bourque III, Chairman
Robert P. MacKendrick, Selectman
Al Merritt, Selectman

Chairman Bourque called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. He announced that the meeting was being recorded for purposes of transmission via cable television.

Interview – Board of Appeals alternate
Brian Shaffer appeared before the Board to apply for an open alternate position on the Board of Appeals. Mr. Shaffer said he grew up in Lynnfield and moved back here after an absence of several years. He also serves on the School Building Committee and has also served the Town in reviewing Town-owned property and making recommendations on the disposition of those parcels.

Board members said Mr. Shaffer was well qualified and thanked him for his willingness to volunteer.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board voted to appoint Brian Shaffer to a term as an alternate on the Board of Appeals expiring on June 30, 2014.

New precinct configuration
Town Administrator William Gustus explained that as a result of the recent federal census, the Commonwealth has redrawn the Town’s four precincts to maintain a balanced population to meet guidelines. A map sent for review by the Secretary of State’s office has been presented to the Town, and there are some changes to the current precinct map that would take place if the new configuration is approved.

He noted that every precinct votes in the same location, Lynnfield High School. The new precinct list will be posted to familiarize voters with their precincts. The Commonwealth is seeking the approval of this proposed configuration to embark on setting up new state and federal districts.

Chairman Bourque said he is concerned the Town remains divided, with one precinct in one state representative’s district and the other three precincts in another representative’s district. He said both representatives serve the Town well but he would favor having the entire Town in a single state representative district. He said this is not a matter on which the local government has significant control.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board unanimously approved the precinct map and street listing as provided by the Secretary of State, and signed the map and street listing documents.

Applications for licenses to peddle
The Board took up applications for state licenses to peddle for Giovanni Cohee and Frederick Shove

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board unanimously approved these applications.

Request for use of common for September 11 observance
Fire Chief Thomas Bogart informed the Board that the Fire Department is forming a committee that will organize an observance of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The committee is planning activities in order to remember those who dies as a result of these attacks and to honor the first responders, some of whom gave up their own lives, who responded to these events, as well as those who lost loved ones and all those touched by these tragic events.

Rev. Dennis Bailey, Fire Department chaplain and pastor of Center Congregational Church, and convener of the Lynnfield Clergy Association. He noted that each year, there has been a short observance on the anniversary of September 11 at the Town’s two fire stations. This would be held this year as well, with the flag lowered to half mast, some prayers, and silent reflection.

In addition this year, planned events include placing of one US flag for each person who died in the September 11 attacks on the lawn across South Common Street from the Common, between the Historical Center and the cemetery. Nan Hockenbury of the Historical Commission has agreed to this use of that property, and the flags would be in place from September 4 through September 18.

The names of all who died in the attacks will be read from 2 p.m. for about four hours near the bell on the common. Several readers will participate. At 6 p.m., an evening service will be held on the common, weather permitting. In case of inclement weather, the service will be held at Centre Congregational Church. Katherine Bailey of Lynnfield, widow of Garnet “Ace” Bailey, who was a passenger in one of the planes, will be the keynote speaker. First responders and school musical groups will also participate.

Refreshments would be served on the common after the service.

Board members thanked Rev. Bailey and Chief Bogart for their efforts and asked them to convey those thanks to their committee and pledged their support for the effort.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board unanimously approved the use of the lawn at the Historical Center for a display of flags from September 4 through September 18.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board unanimously approved the use of the common on September 11 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for this event.

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board unanimously voted to declare September 4-11, 2011 as “Lynnfield 9-11 Remembrance Week.”

Rev. Bailey requested that the Board allow the placement of a banner for the event over the common for a two-week period. Selectman MacKendrick asked that the organizers work with representatives of the Lynnfield Rotary Club and the Fire Department to find a way that the banner for this event and one for the Rotary Club’s annual chicken barbecue, to be held on September 13, could both be accommodated.

Rev. Bailey said that donations can be sent to support the remembrance and that the events and the fundraising efforts will be publicized.

Appointment to full member of Board of Appeals
Chairman Bourque noted that both alternate members of the Board of Appeals, Patrick Rondeau and Janis Markakis, have indicated they would like to be considered for appointment to full membership to the Board (due to a vacancy created by the resignation of David Miller).

Selectman MacKendrick said both candidates were very well qualified. Selectman Merritt agreed, and said that regulatory boards are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and that these Boards must make important decisions, many of which may not be popular. He said it requires commitment and good judgment, and the Board of Appeals makes decisions on some cases that require unanimity for approval. He said Mr. Rondeau’s academic background at William College and Harvard law School and his career as an attorney at Hale & Dorr, the law firm from which he recently retired, makes him highly qualified.

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Bourque, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Patrick Rondeau to the full position on the Board of Appeals.

Reappointment to boards, commissions and offices (20:44)
Members of the Board took up the annual re-appointments to various Town boards, commissions and positions.

Terms are one year unless otherwise indicated

ACCOUNTANT (2 years):           McCarthy, Julianne
AGING, COUNCIL ON (3 years):            Bittner, Jack
                                        Lane, Annie
APPEALS, BOARD OF (3 years):            Aylward, Thomas                 
                                        Stanziani-Markakis, Janis (alt.)
BUILDING INSPECTOR:             Roberto, Jack
TOWN CLERK:                             Summers, Amy
ASSISTANT TOWN CLERK            Hammerbeck, Diane
CONSERVATION COMM  (3 years):   Vitagliano, William
CONSTABLES:                             Minsky, Paul
O’Leary, John
Ruehrwein, John
TOWN COUNSEL:                   Mullen, Thomas
DOG OFFICER:                            Procurot, Jon
ASST. DOG OFFICER:                      Procurot, Jean
DIRECTOR:                               Bogart, Thomas
FINANCE COMM  (3 years):                LaRovere, Timothy
                                        D’Amico, David
GAS INSPECTOR:                  Katz, Martin
ASST. GAS INSPECTOR:            LaConte, Donald
BOARD OF HEALTH  (3 years):             McCausland, Dr. Gail
HISTORICAL COMM  (3 years):             Hockenbury, Nan
                                        Honer-Coakley, Faith
LIFE DIRECTORS  (3 years):              Santangelo, Fred
LOCKUP KEEPER:                  Breen, David
MEMORIAL PARADE COMM: (3 years):        Grasso, Anthony
                                        Sigel, Bruce
PERSONNEL BOARD  (3 years):             Barrett, Christopher
PLUMBING INSPECTOR:             Katz, Martin
ASST. PLUMBING INSPECTOR:               LaConte, Donald
SPECIAL POLICE OFFICERS:                Boudreau, Hartley
                                        Conley, John
                                        Garland, Stephen
                                        Pepper, Gordon
REGISTRARS:                             O’Neil, Arlene
TREASURER:                              O’Sullivan, Christine
TAX COLLECTOR:                  O’Sullivan, Christine
ADMINISTRATOR:                  O’Sullivan, Christine
WIRE INSPECTOR:                 Furey, Steven
ASST. WIRE INSPECTOR:           Cohen, Theodore

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board unanimously voted to approve the list

Contract for town accountant
Mr. Gustus said that as the Board has reappointed Julianne McCarthy as town accountant, he is presenting a draft contract for the Board’s consideration. Provisions include a salary of $85,000 for Fiscal Year 2012, and a three-percent salary increase for the following fiscal year, mirroring the increase granted to union employees.

Chairman Bourque said Ms. McCarthy does a spectacular job as town accountant, and is a bargain when salaries paid to other town accountants in the surrounding area. He said this is a very fair contract for the taxpayers and the accountant. Selectman Merritt said Ms. McCarthy was very helpful in her work on the school building project. She is very qualified and the Town is very fortunate to have her on its staff. Selectman MacKendrick echoed those sentiments.

Proclamation of ADA Day
On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board unanimously approved the below proclamation of July 26, 2011 as Americans with Disabilities Act Day.

We, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in us by the people of Lynnfield as elected officials, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, July 26, 2011, as  Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Day.
We urge all citizens of the Town of Lynnfield, its community leaders, businesses and government officials, to celebrate the contributions that people with disabilities have made and continue to make.
As Selectmen for the Town of Lynnfield, we renew our commitment to upholding the nondiscrimination principles of the ADA.
We urge that all citizens support the efforts of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc., which is the voice of all persons with disabilities and their families.  This proclamation is an acknowledgement of the rights of all persons with disabilities under the ADA and their daily activities, struggles and triumphs here in our Town.
In witness whereof, we have hereby set our hands and seal of the Town of Lynnfield this 27th day of June 2011.
Request to use public facilities
On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board unanimously voted to approve the request of the Lynnfield Athletic Association for use of the common and Town roadways on July 4, 2011 for the 44th annual road race.

Administrative matters
On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board unanimously voted to approve the minutes of May 23, 2011.

Chairman Bourque read a letter from Darren and Tracey Ross thanking the Fire Department and Police Department for the response to a fire emergency at their home, and cited Fire Chief Thomas Bogart for responding immediately.

Mr. Gustus acknowledged that Kevin Sullivan, a longtime member of the Recreation Commission, had declined to be reappointed. The Board asked that Mr. Sullivan be sent a letter acknowledging his long and meritorious service to the Town.

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn at 7:40 p.m.

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