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Board of Selectmen Minutes 07/18/2011
Board of Selectmen
July 18, 2011
Regular Session
Selectmen’s Meeting Room, Town Hall

Arthur J. Bourque III, Chairman
Robert P. MacKendrick, Selectman
Al Merritt, Selectman

Chairman Bourque called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. He announced that the meeting was being recorded for purposes of transmission via cable television.

Interview – Recreation Commission
Christopher Barrett of Fairview Avenue appeared before the Board to apply for an open position on the Recreation Commission. Mr. Barrett said he grew up in Lynnfield and played basketball, baseball and football while a student. He said he would be proud to serve on the Recreation Commission. He has two children, a boy age 1 and a girl who will be 3 in September.

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board voted to appoint Christopher Barrett to a term on the Recreation Commission expiring on June 30, 2014.

Application for common victualler’s license, Loui’s Roast Beef, 472 Broadway
Town Administrator William Gustus said that the applicant’s attorney has asked that this matter be held off due to discussions with the Board of Health on the septic system for the location.

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board voted to table the application for a common victualler’s license for Loui’s Roast Beef.

Appointment of police sergeants
Mr. Gustus said Police Chief David Breen is in attendance to make recommendations on the appointment to two police sergeant positions. Mr. Gustus said he would announce to the Board his intent to appoint two candidates subject to the Board’s approval.

Chief Breen said he had worked with Mr. Gustus and the Commonwealth’s Human Resources Division on the assessment center for the sergeant positions. As a result of their scores on that assessment process, four candidates are eligible for appointment, Chief Breen said he is basing his recommendation on their leadership abilities and past performance, and that he looks and whether a candidate has taken added responsibilities. Patrolman Louis Trapasso and Acting Sergeant David Mayerson epitomize the ideals of the Town of Lynnfield and its police department.

When the chief asked officers which roles they would like to be considered for, Officer Trapasso requested several, including firearms officer and criminal investigator. He also serves as the school resource officer and domestic incident officer. He serves as a part-time detective in addition to his patrolman duties.

Officer Mayerson also wears many hats in the department, overseeing all the department’s information technology issues, including a redesign of the system. He has assisted in the rewriting of the department’s polices and procedures and heads the criminal investigation division. He has assisted with IT issues on his own time.

Chief Breen said he is recommending to Mr. Gustus that he appoint David Mayerson and Louis Trapasso to the sergeant positions.

Mr. Gustus said based on the recommendations of Chief Breen and his own observations of the candidates he is informing the Board of his intent to appoint David Mayerson and Louis Trapasso as sergeants, subject to the Board’s approval.

Selectman MacKendrick said he is extremely pleased with these candidates, and said he has known both of the recommended candidates and has found them both to be excellent police officers. He said these appointments will strengthen the department, and added that Chief Breen has done tremendous work in that effort.

Selectman Merritt said that the recommended candidates are superior police officers and will make wonderful sergeants.

Chairman Bourque agreed and said he has known Sgt. Mayerson for a long time and congratulated him on being part of the major changes taking place in the department. He said he has only heard great things about Office Trapasso and said both officers will make outstanding sergeants.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board voted unanimously to support the recommendation to appoint David Mayerson and Louis Trapasso to sergeant in the Lynnfield Police Department.

Emergency notification policy
Mr. Gustus told the Board that Fire Chief Thomas Bogart had sent a suggested policy on the use of the CodeRED emergency notification system to the Board with suggestions of the types of incidents that might be addressed through the system.

This suggested policy was reviewed as were the practices of other communities with this or similar systems. In most, the system is only used for notifications about emergencies involving police and fire matters, lost children, evacuations, .public health issues and the like, as well as other matters that may fall in the category of public conveniences, such as notifications on roadway and school closings and water supply issues.

Communities do not use the system for non-governmental uses. The system also allows for notification to Town employees in the event of an emergency so they may respond during non-working hours, as the system allows the division of notification by categories or geographic locations, which can alert affected populations without unduly alarming or confusing unaffected populations.

The proposed policy lists the types of events that might result in the use of the system, although it would be difficult to enumerate all the circumstances that would trigger a notification. It also includes the procedure by which a proposed notification would be approved, to ensure the incident warrants the use of the system. Overuse of the system could result in residents not to listen to notices after a time. The wording of the notice must be approved by the department manager and town administrator. Board members will be notified before a message is sent. There are provisions for backups in case someone in the decision-making process is unavailable.

Selectman Merritt said the policy is well done and that the system will be great for the Town but must be used judiciously. He said he would be comfortable approving the policy, which could be perfected with proposed changes brought to the Board. He asked for an update on how many households have registered for the program.

Selectman MacKendrick said he also sees no reason not move forward, and said the policy can be adjusted when specific issues crop up in practice.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board voted unanimously to approve the emergency response notification policy as presented (see attached document).

Building Department fee schedule
Mr. Gustus said that as part of the budget process, the Board discussed increasing certain fees to raise revenues and help balance the budget. These proposed fee increases will be rolled out over several meetings. In August, fees charged by the Department of Public Works will be discussed, and in September statutory fees and bylaw-imposed fees will be discussed in preparation for fall town meeting.

The most important fees, as they result in the greatest amount of revenue, are the fees in the building department. These have not been updated in over three fiscal years, and there have been many changes in the operation of that department during this time due to the changes in the building code. More review is required of the inspectors. Some of the minimum fees charged are well below those of surrounding and comparable communities.

In the building fees, the charged per $1,000 of valuation are not increasing, but the index of valuations is going up as a function of the cost of construction. The rate assigned is $85 per square foot, where the current index is $95.

Two new fees are being added. One is a separate building permit for heating, ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) for new construction. There will now also be a sheet metal permit for installation of ductwork if necessary.

Electrical fees have not been adjusted in ten years. They are significantly lower than those of neighboring communities. With updates to the code, additional visits are now required of the inspector. Gas and plumbing fees have seen increases similar to those of the building permit fees.

Chairman Bourque asked why a per-square-foot fee in the proposed new electrical fees was going down instead of up. Mr. Gustus explained that the base fee was increasing by an amount that would offset any loss in revenue from the per-square-foot fee. He also said that the cost of such inspections is usually related to the review of the plan.

Chairman Bourque asked if this approach would be costly in the case of a large project such as the Market Street at Lynnfield development. Mr. Gustus replied that since there will be a separate inspection for each unit in that development, this approach would generate more revenue that the current approach.

Selectman Merritt asked if it would be possible to quantify the additional revenue that would be expected from the new fee structure. Mr. Gustus said that based on the current activity levels, the revenue would increase by at least $25,000 annually. Selectman Merritt noted that will be about half the projected amount of total additional fees revenue shown in the budget model.

Selectman Merritt asked how the proposed fees were arrived at. Mr. Gustus said that the aim was to place the Town’s fee structure in the middle of what is charged by surrounding and like communities. He said that in many cases the Town’s charges will remain lower than the average of surrounding communities. Building Inspector Jack Roberto believes the proposed fees are fair and no more than the average of surrounding and like communities. The approach to the value certification is very conservative, and no one will be able to complain that an improvement has been overvalued.

Selectman MacKendrick said he had discussed the fee structure with Mr. Roberto this afternoon and he was assured that the proposed fees are in the middle or lower than those of other communities in the region. He said the proposed fees are reasonable and fair.

Selectman Merritt asked when the gas and plumbing fees were last changed. Mr. Gustus said he believes it was at least four years ago.

On the motion of Selectman Merritt, seconded by Selectman MacKendrick, the Board voted unanimously to approve the new fee structure for the Building, Electrical and Gas and Plumbing departments (see attached document).

Effective July 19, 2011




Commercial First Three Fixture                                    $ 100.00
 Each Additional Fixture                                       $   20.00
Residential First Fixture                                       $  50.00
 Each Additional Fixture                                       $  10.00
Water Heater Replacement (residential only)             $   50.00
Late Filing Fee                                                $  50.00
Re-Inspection Fee                                               $  50.00

Residential - Minimum Fee (First 3 Fixtures)            $ 200.00
 Each Additional Fixture                                       $   10.00
Commercial – Minimum Fee (First 3 Fixtures)             $ 200.00
  Each Additional Fixture                                      $   20.00

Effective July 19, 2011


New Construction:
Fee Based on Building Projected Construction    
 Value First $50,000                                           $ 250.00
  Each Additional $1,000 or Fraction Thereof           $     1.00

First 1 – 10 Outlets, i.e. Lighting, Receptacles,
 Appliances, Special Equipment                         $   50.00
   Each Additional Outlet                                      $     1.00

Services – Change or Alterations:
 Sub-Panels Each                                               $   50.00
 Each Additional                                               $   25.00


New Construction:
Fee Based on Building Projected Construction
 Value first $100,000                                  $ 500.00
  Each Additional $1,000 or Fraction Thereof           $     2.00

First 1-10 Outlets, i.e.:
 Lighting, Receptacles, Appliances,
   Special Equipment                                   $  100.00
 Additional Outlet                                             $    2.00

Services – Change or Alterations:       
 Each 200 Amp or Fraction Thereof                      $ 100.00
 Each Sub-Panel                                                $   50.00

Alarms, Residential                                             $   50.00
Alarms, Commercial First Zone                           $ 100.00
Each Additional Zone                                   $   25.00
Central AC – Residential                                        $   50.00
 Each Additional Unit                                  $   25.00
Central AC – Commercial                                 $   75.00
 Each Additional Unit                                  $   25.00
Pools, In-Ground                                                $ 200.00
Pools, Above Ground                                     $ 100.00
Pools, Storable                                         $   50.00
Temporary Service:  Residential                         $   50.00
Temporary Service:  Commercial                  $ 100.00
Re-Inspection Fee                                               $   50.00

Effective July 19, 2011

New Dwelling                                    $  50.00 minimum
+ $10.00 per thousand

New Construction                                        $  50.00 minimum
+ $10.00 per thousand

Additions, Alterations, Solid Fuel Appliances   $  50.00 minimum
                                                        $   10.00 per $1,000

Garages (residential)   1 Car                   $  50.00 minimum
                                2 Car                   $  60.00 minimum
                                3 Car                   $  80.00 minimum

Roofing, Siding, Porches, Decks
  (up to $3,000)                                       $  50.00 minimum
                                                        $ 10.00 per $1,000

Commercial or Industrial Additions &
 Alterations                                           $ 100.00 minimum
                                                        $   10.00 per $1,000

Signs                                                   $  50.00 minimum
                                                        $   10.00 per $1,000

Swimming Pools (Above Ground)           $   50.00 minimum
                                                        $   10.00 per $1,000

Swimming Pools (In-Ground)                      $100.00 minimum
                                                        $  10.00 per $1,000

Razing Permit (Residential Accessory            
  Buildings)                                           $  50.00 minimum
                                                        $  10.00 per $1,000

Razing Permit (Residential Home)                $  50.00 minimum
                                                        $  10.00 per $1,000

Razing Permit (Commercial)                      $100.00 minimum
                                                        $  10.00 per $1,000

Foundation Permit (Residential)                 $ 200.00 flat fee
                                (Commercial)                   $ 200.00 minimum
                                                        $   10.00 per $1,000

Late Filing Fees                                        $200.00


1 Story Dwelling                                        $  95.00 per sq. ft.
1 ½ Story Dwelling                                      $100.00 per sq. ft.
2 Story Dwelling (Garrison, Colonial, etc.)     $125.00 per sq. ft.
Commercial or Industrial Buildings              $150.00 per sq. ft.
Occupancy Permit (Residential)                  $  50.00
Occupancy Permit (Commercial)                   $100.00

Administrative matters
On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board unanimously approved a proposal from Karen Mahon for the annual OD’s Run/Walk on Sunday, September 25. The event raised funds for a scholarship fund named for John O’Donnell, a deceased Lynnfield High School graduate.

On the motion of Selectman MacKendrick, seconded by Selectman Merritt, the Board voted to adjourn at 7:40 p.m.

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