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Town Clerk
Assistant Town Clerk
Town Hall
55 Summer St
Lynnfield, MA 01940
Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
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The last day to register to vote, change one's voting address or party affiliation for the September 2016 State Primary is Friday, August 19th.  On this day, the Clerk’s office will be open from 8 AM – 5 PM. (recent change as allowed by Section 75 of Chpater 119 of the Acts of 2015)

Your enrollment as a voter will affect the party primary in which you can vote at the State Primary.  There are four political parties in MA:  Democratic, Republican, Green-Rainbow and United Independent.  For voters who are enrolled in one of those parties, at a Primary you will only be allowed to vote the ballot for that party.  Voters who are unenrolled (sometimes referred to as Independent), or registered in a political designation at the time of a Primary, you can choose which party’s ballot you would like to receive.  You can view sample ballots for this election by clicking the above link "September 8 2016 Sample Ballots"

Those who wish to register or make changes by mail should make sure their form is postmarked no later than August 19th.  Massachusetts law does not currently allow these changes to be made via email. To download the form, please visit [Link]  There is also a new option to register on line by going to the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website and using the new Online Voter Registration system, also located
at [Link]  On line voter registration, or changes to your registration is open until 11:59 PM on August 19th.

Registered residents who did not return their 2016 Annual Census, or inactive confirmation letter that was mailed out in May, will be required to show proof of residency at the polls, which could take an extra 10-15 minutes.  You can check your voter status at the State’s web site, [Link] to determine if your voter status is active or inactive.

Please note - the Primary is scheduled for THURSDAY, September 8, 2016.  All registered voters vote at the Lynnfield High School.  If you would like further clarification of your party status or have other questions relative to the upcoming election, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Clerk’s office at 781-334-9401.


Voting inactivation notices were mailed out in May.  If you did not respond to the 2016 Annual Census, or moved into town after January 1st and did not update your census year in your former community, you will be made inactive on the voters list.  In order to stay active on the voters list, you can still return your 2016 census form, or respond to the letter should you receive one.  Inactive voters are still allowed to vote, however, you will be required to complete paperwork and produce ID at the voting location on the day of the election, which takes a few extra mintues. To check your voter status, please click the link:


2016 Dog Tags Still Available - late fees now apply as of March 1st.

2016 dog tags are now available.   All 2015 Dog Licenses expire on December 31, 2015.   MGL Chapter 140, Section 137 requires all dogs six months of age or older must be licensed and evidence of a current rabies vaccination must be provided.  Lynnfield’s By-Law Section 17A requires all dogs be licensed on January 1st of each license period.  The license period is from January 1st to the following December 31st.  Any owner or keeper of a dog who fail to comply with the provision of this section by March 1st in any year shall be subject to a penalty of $10.00 per dog.

As approved at the Fall Town Meeting, and by the Attorney General’s office, the fees are now $10.00 per neutered/spayed dog and $15.00 per intact dog.  Residents age 70 and over the fee is waived upon proof of age.  There are three ways to purchase dog tags:  in person at the Clerk’s office, through the mail, or on-line.  Each of these ways, you will need a current copy of the dog’s rabies certificate and acceptable payment in person or through the mail can be cash or check – made payable to the Town of Lynnfield.  To order your dog tag through the mail, you can use the application that will be included in the 2016 Census that will be mailed early January, or go on line to and click on the Town Clerk’s link under Departments.   The third way, which is new, is on-line registration and payment by credit / debit card.  From the town’s web site, click on “Departments”, and then click on “Town Clerk”.  Once on the Town Clerk’s page, there is a link for “Dog Licensing and Information”.  On this page, you will find the instructions needed.

Four or more dogs requires a kennel license.  Please contact the Clerk's office for registering information.

Should you have any questions regarding dog licensing, please feel free to call the Town Clerk’s office at 781-334-9400.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!  Over the next several months, the Town Clerk's Office will be reaching out to registered voters in an effort to be proactive with the upcoming 2016 election year.  This outreach effort is a verification of voter political party or political designation and is our attempt to ensure each and every voter has a stress free and positive experience on Election Day.

At a Primary Election, members of political parties may vote only in their own party's enrollment. Unenrolled (commonly referred to as Independent) and members of political designations or minor parties may vote in the party primary of their choice.  

Upcoming Elections:
Thursday, September 8th - State Primary
Tuesday, November 8th - Presidential Election
The Town Clerk's office is now accepting online payments for requests of certified certificates for birth, marriage and death records.  Also available to pay for online are Business Certificates / DBA's. Please click on the link above "On-Line Payment Services".  Requests will be processed daily once the payment has been accepted.  We are also accepting dog licensing and payments on line.  To use this new feature, click on the Dog Licensing & Information link above.  Please call our office if you have any questions.


State Elections has added a new feature to their web site for on-line voter registration.  Click on the above tab "State Election Information" and look for the icon "MA Register to Vote Online".  You can also update your address and make party changes.  Once the information has been accepted at the State level, the Town Clerk's office will be notified.  Feel free to call the Town Clerk's office if you have any questions about your voter registration.


2016 will be a busy year for elections.  If you are a Lynnfield registered voter and would like to be involved working the voting polls, please contact the Clerk's office, either by email - or stop by the office during office hours to inquire.    This is a great opportunity to newtork and serve your community, while earning a few extra dollars and obtaining a better understanding of the electoral process.  Election officers assist in greeting voters, verifying registration and providing voters with the approporiate ballot.  At the end of the election, election officers assist the Town Clerk and Wardens with counting the votes and closing the polling location.   The pay is $10.00 / hr.  

If you are a high school student looking for community service hours, 16 and 17 year olds are allowed by MGL Chapter 54 Section 12 to work at the voting polls.  Please contact the Clerk's office for additional information.

Duties of the Town Clerk:

The Town Clerk is the chief election official.  The Clerk supervises voter registration, oversees polling places, election officers, and the general conduct of all elections.  The Clerk directs the preparation of ballots, polling places, voting equipment, voting lists, administers campaign finance laws, certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions, and serves on the Board of Registrars.  The Clerk's office conducts the annual town census and prepares the street list of residents.

The Town Clerk is the keeper of the town seal.  The Town Clerk attests by signature and seal to bonds, contracts, bylaws, resolutions and any other documents requiring town certification. The Clerk provides certified copies of vital records and conducts genealogical research for members of the public, and is responsible for maintenance, disposition, and preservation of municipal archival records and materials.  The Town Clerk administers the oath of office to all town officials, elected and appointed.

The Town Clerk  certifies the residency of veterans’ who qualify for state bonuses, receives board and committee meeting postings, administers and records oaths of office to town officials; submits zoning by-law and town by-law changes to the Attorney General, and sends the Jury List to the Secretary of State.  The Town Clerk is also responsible for overseeing the State mandated compliance of all employees, and board and committee members, to be sure they follow through annually with any required Conflict of Interest / State Ethics Laws documentation.

In addition, the Town Clerk issues marriage licenses, dog tag licenses, storage of flammables, business certificates, and raffle permits

The Town Clerk and the Assistant Town Clerk are Notary Publics, and Commissioners to Qualify Public Officers.

The Town Clerk is a Justice of the Peace.

Commissioners to Qualify Oath of Office

If you have been appointed as a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and need to take your oath of office you may come to Town Clerk's Office, rather than having to go into Boston.

Please call ahead to assure that two commissioners are present.  

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