Town of Lynnfield, Massachusetts
55 Summer St., Lynnfield, MA 01940
2011 Street Sweeping Schedule
(Weather permitting)

The following schedule is tentative and subject to change by the DPW. Each week DPW will add the next group of streets to be swept. When your street is scheduled to be swept it will be listed below. Areas shaded in blue are streets that have been completed.

Even though sweepers use water during the sweeping process some dust will be generated. You will also notice that after the first pass there may be some debris still left behind. The street sweeper will make a number of passes until the street is completely swept.

You can assist Public Works by sweeping any winter sand from your driveway, curbing or sidewalk into the gutter area. Please do not consider this an invitation to clean your entire yard. The street sweeper cannot and will not pick up stones, branches, leaves or other foreign matter.


Please make sure that you do not leave parked cars in the way of sweepers when they start sweeping your street.

Thank you for your assistance during the program.

MAY 9-13th
Standish Rd. Witham St.
Lookout Terr. Munroe St.
Otter Pond Rd. Upton Ln.
Lynnbrook Rd. Grove St.
Rossmore Rd. Harvey Pk.
Douglas Rd. Maple St.
Fairview Rd & Ave. Brook Terr.
Locust St. Willowdale Dr.
Clark Rd. Carpenter Rd.
Ingalls Terr. Horshoe Dr.
Park St. Stagecoach Ln.
Laurel Rd. Daly Rd.
Sylvan Cir. & Terr. Ross Dr.
Fall Way Lara Ln.
Ledge Rd. Dewing Rd.
Canterbury Rd. Winchester Dr.
Jensen St. Kimball Ln.
Hidden Valley Rd. Tedford Ln.
Heath Cir. Bluejay Rd.
Liberty Ln. Sparhawk Dr.
Ramsdell Wy. Gianna Dr.
Mansfield Rd.
MAY  2- 6TH
Green St. Pillings Pond Rd.
Ward Terr. Robin Rd.
Lakeview Dr. Archer Ln.
Vokes Terr. Edgemere Rd.
Moulton Dr. Magnolia Dr.
Lake St. Lantern Ln.
Suntaug St. North Ln.
Oak St. Wildewood Dr.
Locksley Rd. Driftwood Ln.
Stafford Rd. Shadynook Ln.
Birch Rd. Willow Rd.
Walsh Rd. Bourque Rd.
Dunstan Rd. Ryan Rd.
Bishop Ln. Oak Ridge Terr.
Abbey Ln. Kings Rd.
Longbow Cir. & Rd. Huntington Rd.
Bishop Ln. Notingham Rd.
Friar Ln. Doncaster Rd. & Cir.
APRIL 25- 29rd
Crest Road Highland Ave.
Prospect Ave. Pleasant Ave.
Lakeview Ave. Summer Ave.
Central Rd. Colonial Rd.
Island Rd. Grove Ct.
Lockwood Rd. Birchwood Rd.
Beechwood Rd. Wood Rd.
Lakewood Rd. Elmwood Rd.
Maywood Rd. Pinewood Rd.
Rockwood Rd. Glenwood Rd.
Parkwood Rd. Maplewood Rd.
Greenwood Rd. Ashwood Rd.
Cedarwood Rd. Pyburn Rd.
Fletcher Rd. October Ln.
Timberhill Ln. & Terr. Huckleberry Road East & West
Saw Mill Rd. Michaels Rd.
Moran Road Melch Rd. & Ext.
Knolls Rd. Trickett Rd.
Thomas Rd. Elliot Rd.
Williams Rd. Gerry Rd.
Temple Rd. Herrick Ln.
Reedy Rd. Drury Ln.
Bancroft St. Newhall Rd.
Roundy Rd. Putney Ln.
Atherton Cir. Westway
Fren Wy. Stone Wy.
Lander Rd. Alexander Rd.
Debson Ln. Country Club Dr.
April 19 - April 22
Todd Ln. Cranberry Ln.
Kestida Ln. Elizabeth Way
Taylor Terr. Westover Dr.
Wymon Wy. Maddison Ln.
Arlington St. Lincoln Ave.
Howard Ave. Forest Hill Ave.
Underhill Rd. Deanna Cir.
Lovell Rd. Kenniston Rd.
Stillman Rd. Essex St.
Melody Ln. Evans Rd.
Jordan Rd. Currie Cir.
Midland Rd. Hampton Ct.
Chatham Wy. Grey Ln.
Huntingdon Rd. Daventry Ct.
Yorkshire Dr. Barnsley Rd.
Durham Dr. Littledale Rd.
Landsdowne Ct. Mirabeau Ln.
Ivanhoe Dr. Patrice Ln.
Homestead Rd. Oxbow Rd.
Wing Rd. Strout Ave.
Otis Wy. Pocahontas Wy.
Mowhawk Ln. Parsons Ave.
April 11 - April 15
Carter Rd. Stanley Rd.
Grant Rd. Willard Ln.
Saunders Rd. Mabel Hill Rd.
Ashley Ct. Phillips Rd.
Carol Ann Rd. Twing Rd.
Priscilla Rd. Richards Rd.
Mitchell Rd. Pine Hill Rd.
Merrow Rd. Rourke Ln.
Cider Mill Rd. Joseph Ln.
Norris Rd. Tapley Rd.
Orchard Ln. Baldwin Ln.
Apple Hill Ln. Russet Ln.
Golden Rod Ln. Cortland Ln.
Mayberry Ln. Tophet Rd.
Cook's Farm Ln. Kimberly Terr.
Hilltop Rd. Murphy Way
North Hill Dr. Willis Ln.
Glen Dr. West Tapley Rd.
Chestnut St. Friendship Ln.
April 4 - April 8
Townsend Rd. Needham Rd.
Russell Rd. Charing Cross & Ext.
Trog Hawley Bridle Path
Perkins Ln. Candlewood Rd.
Juniper Rd. Maiden Ln.
Hart Rd. Windsor Rd.
Heritage Ln. Bryant St.
Spearfields Ln. Wheeler St.
Tappan Way & Ct. Perry Ave.
Green Meadow Dr. Wirthmore Ln.
Dale Rd. Lee Rd.
Meadow Ln. Village Row
Partridge Ln. Bay State Rd.
Freeman St. Pine St.
Edwards Ave. North & South Coleman Ave.
Olde Town Rd. New Meadow Rd.
Hutchins Cir. Beaver Ave.
Grayland Rd. Ashland Rd.
Alderney Way Chestnut St.
Sevinor Rd. Haywood Farms
Summer Street Walnut Street
Lowell Street Essex Street
Main Street Salem Street