Street Access Permits

To apply online, please download and fill out the application below, then click this link: Street Access Permit

Where is the Street Access Permit?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and download from the link provided.

When is a Street Access Permit needed?

A Street Access Permit will be needed when heavy equipment crosses over the public way to access a property. Work that requires a Street Access Permit includes:

  • Building projects that require the use of a dumpster
  • Installation of septic systems
  • New foundations
  • Other construction projects that require heavy equipment
  • Tree work using a crane, or tree work using a bucket truck/hydraulic lift driven off the road

Why is a Street Access Permit required?

The Town of Lynnfield established the Street Access Permit to protect public property when work on private property requires access over a public way. The public way includes the roadway, grass strip, and the sidewalk areas. The Street Access Permit process insures that:

  • The road is restored properly if it is damaged by a contractor who performs work on private property. Damage such as broken curb, rutted grass strip, and cracked roadways can occur when heavy equipment or dumpsters are brought onto private property by way of the public way.
  • Residents and traffic are protected from dangerous road conditions created during and after road work is done. Proper signage and barricades are required by the street opening permit.   

What are the procedures for obtaining a Street Access Permit?

1. The contractor performing the work or the homeowner for the property shall submit a permit application to the DPW when access to the property is proposed.

2. The required insurance and bonding documentation shall be in the name of the contractor who is performing the work and designating the Town of Lynnfield as the insured. The insurance and bonding requirements for Street Access Permits can be found at: Insurance Requirements.

3. A Street Access Permit application can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  Please fill out the application by typewriting or printing legibly. A completed application and fee shall be submitted in person to the Department of Public Works.

4. The Department of Public Works may request that building permit plans be submitted for a better understanding of what work the applicant is proposing to do.

5. Payment for the Street Access Permit shall be submitted to the Department of Public Works at the time the application is submitted unless otherwise approved by the Director of Public Works. The cost of the permit is ten dollars.  

6. Work within the public way shall not proceed until the permit is approved and signed by the Town Engineer and the Director of Public Works.

7. Failure to comply by the Street Opening Permit process may result in being fined, disbarred from being permitted in the future by the Town, or other punitive actions.

To apply online, please download and fill out the application below, then click this link: Street Access Permit