ATTENTION! Reedy Meadow Wildlife Need Your Help!

Please do not disturb our endangered bird species' nesting grounds in the marsh.
PHoto Rusty Blackbird

This is a critically important time for rare and endangered bird species in Reedy Meadow. The town is asking for everyone’s help in not disturbing the marsh area along the railbed and Partridge Island Trail.

The months of March through August are critical for breeding marsh birds and for migrating birds fueling up before continuing their long journeys. Marsh birds nest in cattails mere feet from the railbed, out of sight but identified by their calls.  Loud noises and human disturbance cause birds to flee from their nests and even abandon territories altogether.

The marsh at the open channel at Beaverdam Brook is a particularly sensitive area.  Reedy Meadow was designated as a “Priority Wildlife Habitat” in 2017 by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program as supporting some of the state’s most rare marsh birds. The Lynnfield Marsh Survey Team, MassAudubon and other ecological organizations are busy now tracking the numbers of these species and recording their activities.

You can help the town with this critical conservation work in several important ways. Any disturbance of the marsh or the water in Beaverdam Brook should be avoided.  Please do not throw rocks or branches or disturb the water in any way, keep dogs leashed, and avoid loud noises near the marsh. Finally, if you see any activity that you feel will negatively impact this sensitive area, please contact the Lynnfield Police Department at (781) 334-3131.

Thank you for your help!