Lynnfield-Wakefield Rail Trail Status Update

Project Overview:

The intent of this release is to inform the public of the ongoing design effort associated with the Lynnfield-Wakefield Rail Trail (LWRT). The LWRT is a proposed shared-use path that would connect Wakefield and Lynnfield utilizing the abandoned MBTA railbed. The LWRT will cover approximately 4.4 miles, with 2.53 miles in Lynnfield. It will also feature tie-ins at the Middle Schools and High School. The LWRT will act as a connector to the surrounding towns and will expand the Northeast Trails System. The project is supported by both Lynnfield and Wakefield and the design team is being led by WorldTech Engineering LLC. MassDOT will fund the construction via their Transportation Improvement Program. (TIP).

Schedule Update:

Originally, construction was slated to begin in the Spring of 2022. The project has had significant design delays due to environmental permitting and design challenges, the project is now slated for a construction year of 2026. The main design issues revolve around the construction of the elevated boardwalk in the Reedy Meadow, and addressing the requirements of the various environmental regulatory agencies. Currently, the design effort focuses around completing a refined hydraulic study of the flood elevations in Reedy Meadow. This updated hydraulic study will ideally allow the length of the boardwalk to be reduced. In parallel, the geotechnical aspects of the site are being additionally investigated as requested by the MassDOT geotechnical section. Due to the environmental restrictions of the meadow, work has been slowly progressing. Once the hydraulic study is complete, the project team will move on to environmental permitting. No further schedule slide is anticipated.

Additional Information:

In the coming weeks, the town will establish a web page associated with the town website to allow transparent updates and provide a home for past updates. This webpage will also host general project information. Additionally, it is the goal of the town to schedule a public meeting. In the interim, any and all inquiries can be directed to the Town Engineer, via the town’s website.