Conservation Commission News & Announcements

Photo Partridge Island boardwalk

DPW Readies Partridge Island Boardwalk for the Season!

With the snows gone, the DPW was able to clear the boardwalk of invasive plants, making way for residents and visitors to Reedy Meadow.... more ››

photo Red Oak tree

"Tree Talk" Spring 2019 Newsletter here!

 The Lynnfield Tree Committee has published its Spring 2019 Newsletter, which was made available to all residents in their Spring tax bills... more ››

Logo Ipswich River Water Association

Commissioners attend Legislative Breakfast focused on Ipswich River Watershed!

On March 22, Conservation Commissioners Don Gentile and Bill Thompson, and Director of Planning & Conservation Emilie Cademartori ... more ››

photo Chip Osborne - organic lawn care presentation

Interest Grows for Organic Lawn Care at March 20 Workshop!

Patty Fabbri, Chair of the Pesticide Awareness Committee and organizer of the March 20 "Secrets to a Healthy Lawn" workshop, was thrilled... more ››

icon of arts and culture

Lynnfield’s Planning & Conservation and Cultural Council participate in Essex County-wide Arts & Culture Planning Lab!

Representatives from Lynnfield Planning & Conservation and the Lynnfield Cultural Council participated in an Essex County-wide Arts... more ››

image of swale

Conservation staff begins new Stormwater maintenance notification & tracking system!

In November 2018, Conservation staff began a new notification and tracking system for Lynnfield property owners having stormwater... more ››

Recycling symbol

Selectmen Form Recycling Advisory Committee and Seek New Members!

In January, the Board of Selectmen formed a new Recycling Advisory Committee. This new group will consist of five citizens appointed by the... more ››

Image of Organic Lawn Care

FREE Organic Lawn Care Workshop - March 20!

Learn how to protect your family from pesticides’ health risks and develop a plan for natural lawn care on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. At 7... more ››

Photo of Emilie and new counter

Planning and ConCom Receives New Office Counter!

Emilie Cademartori, Director of Lynnfield Planning & Conservation happily accepts the new office counter from the DPW’s John Leonard (... more ››

Photo of Pillings Pond

Commissioners Name Pillings Pond Task Force for 2019!

The ConCom has named a Pillings Pond Task Force for 2019. The sub-group was formed as a targeted way for the Commission to address several... more ››

Photo of 70 Walnut Street Gerry's Cider mill sign

ConCom Acquires Open Space at 70 Walnut Street!

Lynnfield ConCom has recently purchased an important land parcel at 70 Walnut Street. The site of the historically significant former Gerry... more ››

photo of Beaver Dam Brook culvert removed

Beaver Dam Brook Culvert Removal Project Completed!

The Beaver Dam Brook Culvert Removal project is now complete.

icon of arts and culture

Lynnfield’s Planning & Conservation Department joins MAPC sub-region in exploring the creation of an “Arts & Cultural Trail”!

Lynnfield’s Planning & Conservation Department has accepted an invitation to explore establishment of a regional arts & cultural “... more ››

photo of Red Maple tree

ConCom Releases Shade Tree Planting List for Residents and Businesses!

The Conservation Commission kicks off 2019 with its Recommended Shade Tree Planting List for residents and businesses. The list... more ››

Graphic of words "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

Commissioners begin "A Walk on the Wild Side" at all ConCom Properties!

In its October, 2018 Board meeting, ConCom Chairman Paul Martindale proposed that commissioners meet regularly to walk the town’s... more ››

Photo of Invasive Multiflora rose hips - used in holiday decor

Avoid Using Invasive Plants in Holiday Decor!

During the holidays, many people use live plants to decorate homes or businesses. Avoid using invasive plants such as Bittersweet (... more ››

Crews installing coffer dams at Beaver Dam Brook

Work Restarts on Beaver Dam Brook Culvert

Work has restarted on the removal of the Beaver Dam Brook culvert. Originally scheduled for the end of summer, higher than expected water... more ››

Fallen leaves in yard

This Fall - a win-win-win that starts with less raking!

You may want to think about your leaves differently this fall.

Icon of green-leafed tree

Hurry!! Tree Photo Contest deadline is Oct. 28!

Get your camera ready to discover a special Lynnfield tree with a photograph and win a prize!

Photo headshot Emilie Cademartori

Cademartori Named to Head New Combined Planning & Conservation Departments

The Board of Selectmen unanimously approved an overhaul of the planning and conservation departments recently.