School Enrollment, Capacity and Exploration Committee


This Committee is charged with gathering and analyzing data on school enrollment projections.  It will help lead a community discussion on space planning that will accommodate enrollment growth and support the educational goals of Lynnfield Public Schools. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and School Committee on how the Town can effectively meet the needs of every student of Lynnfield Public Schools.  The Committee will also support the strategic planning that would be necessary if capital expenditures are found to be needed to satisfy the findings of the Committee.

MEMBERSHIP (7 Voting/3 Ex Officio)

  • Board of Selectmen (1 - Designated by Board of Selectmen Chair)
  • School Committee (1 - Designated by School Committee Chair)
  • Parents (2 – Designated by Board of Selectmen) 
  • Community Member (1 – Designated by Board of Selectmen) 
  • Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (1 – Designated by CFAC Chair)
  • Finance Committee (Designated by Finance Committee Chair)
  • Town Administrator (Ex Officio - Nonvoting)
  • Superintendent of Schools (Ex Officio - Nonvoting)
  • Department of Public Works Director (Ex Officio - Nonvoting)


The School Enrollment & Capacity Exploration Committee is responsible for conducting its activities in a manner that is in compliance with all relevant State and Local Laws and regulations including, but not limited to the Open Meeting Law, Public Records Law and Conflict of Interest Law.