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...and how to access GIS - Lynnfield properties


Click here to open the GIS site without in a new window without the "how-to" steps below

How to access GIS for Lynnfield parcels

A Geographic Information System (GIS) provides you with a means to gather, manage and analyze data. Rooted in geography, GIS analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes. Here is how to use GIS for Lynnfield parcels:

  • If you agree to the statement in the pop-up window, click “I agree” button.
  • Click “Search” magnifying glass icon top left corner
  • In the orange search bar, enter street address, but do not include the words Avenue, Street, Circle, Lane, etc. – just the unique name of the street (e.g. 505 Main, and not 505 Main Street)
  • Let it load the selections and click on the one you want in the drop down
  • Let it load the map, and you will see your parcel in yellow.
  • To find proximity to wetlands, click the “Layers” icon
  • From drop down menu, check the “DEP Wetlands” box and let it load. Check other boxes for additional options.
  • Use the small blue icons in the upper right to measure, manipulate your parcel, zoom in or out, etc. The trash can icon erases any formatting and resets your image.