Town Moderator

Attendance at Town Meeting is, next to voting, one of the most important functions we can perform as citizens. It provides us with the ability to oversee and guide our local government and ultimately the character of our Town. It is, in the end, the final authority of the local government.

The Lynnfield Town Charter provides that the Moderator is to be elected every year and mandates that the latest revision of Robert’s Rules of Order (currently Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition) be used as the parliamentary rules for the Town Meeting.

The Moderator acts as a guide/umpire and manager of the Town Meeting and helps the Town Meeting Members in framing and directing their questions and comments. The Moderator is the final authority on all parliamentary issues unless overridden by the Town Meeting Members.

By Charter, the Moderator is responsible for appointing 6 of the 11 member Finance Committee – in effect, being appointed by the Town Moderator, they represent the Town Meeting Members during the various budget deliberations and submit their recommendations to the Town Meeting. Additionally, the Town Moderator also appoints Lynnfield’s representative to the North Shore Regional Vocational School District.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Arthur J. Bourque III Town Moderator