Tree Committee's Photo Contest kicks off here!

Your photos could win a prize!
photo contest


Lynnfield Through the Lens!

  • Photo contest open to Lynnfield residents of all ages!
  • 6 photo categories to choose from!
  • 3 chances to win!
  • Contest open through September 25!
  • All photographed trees must be in Lynnfield

Winning photos from each category will be matted and prominently displayed at the Lynnfield Library in October. The Award Ceremony and presentation of prizes will be at the Meeting House on Saturday, October 2, at 10 a.m. The Grand Prize for the winning photo from each category will be a native tree!

Here is the online entry form!

Here are some additional ideas:

Take a closer look at the trees we have around us and capture them in a photograph. Do you have a tree that is Most Magnificent? It can be mighty, majestic, unusual, or simply distinctive to you. At this time of year trees have food for both wildlife and humans on their mission to spread seeds for future tree generations. Forest Food comes in many forms; fruit and cones are the most common.  Trees provide Habitat for many, be it for nesting, shelter, food or cover from prey. Living Together, trees support life in different ways. A vine that needs light uses a tree to reach the upper canopy. Fungi and lichen live happily together on living trees, but also on decomposing dead trees spurning new growth that is not animal, plant or bacterial in form. And, for the two categories Ages 12 - 18, and Under Age 12, submit your photo choices of trees of any subject.