Office of Prevention - A Healthy Lynnfield

The Office of Prevention of the Town of Lynnfield, with support from state funding, employs a Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator who works to support the community’s goal of substance use prevention; provides coordination, community outreach, and staff support to A Healthy Lynnfield; and educational resources for the community. This position works across all town departments to leverage resources, community expertise, and volunteer time to support the community goal of reducing and delaying substance use among youth and young adults, to improve the quality of life for those impacted, and to support programs that help all young people thrive. 

The Lynnfield Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, known as A Healthy Lynnfield (AHL), was formed in 2017 as a response to the rising misuse of opioids, a public health epidemic impacting communities at the national, state and local level.

In conjunction with the Governor of Massachusetts’ Plan to Prevent Opioid misuse, the Massachusetts Municipal Association charged local officials with leadership responsibility to guide local efforts to combat this public health epidemic. Through coalition building, engagement of stakeholders, and implementation of proven best practices, municipal leaders aim to reverse this crisis, save lives, and create healthy, safe and thriving communities. In response, in May 2017, the Lynnfield Board of Selectman approved the formation of a committee to address substance abuse prevention. Today, A Healthy Lynnfield is an active community partnership working to address substance abuse prevention. The group meets the second Monday of each month from 9 to 10 at the Merritt Media and Cultural Center.

For more information about A Healthy Lynnfield or for substance abuse treatment and family support resources, go to  or contact:

Peg Sallade, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator 
Town of Lynnfield
781-334-5820 x 1103
Office Location: Lynnfield High School, 275  Essex Street
Mailing Address: Town Hall, 55 Summer Street